Thursday, 18 January 2018

Come on Spring

It's always about this time of year that I start to dream of Spring, lighter evenings, warmer temperatures, just generally less ugh!! I know we're the right side of the Winter Solstice and the days are getting longer but I want them to hurry up already! 

In preparation - or to fake it for now - I've given my few plants some TLC

This is the before shot. The back row is a plant I picked up in Poundland, ages ago for 50p and somehow its still going! My miniature rose. A dead herb (can't even remember which one!) All are in charity shop pots and haven't be re-potted in an age - nor have they had new soil or any food!! The glass bulb at the front contains a succulent of some sort I got in Wilkos and the plant in the square pot was donated to me by N, again no idea what it is!

And here we have them re-potted - larger pots and new soil! The dead herb got binned! Unfortunately in the process of re-potting the little one I knock all it's leaves off so that may be heading in the same direction! All the plants then got new locations...

This little guy needs some friends (or maybe replacements!)

This one gets pride of place in my new planter from Leela on Magdalen Road

One on the photo shelf

Can you see the rose hiding on the bookcase? After doing all that I decided the planter out on the balcony fire escape needed some lovin' too so that got all the dead plants and live weeds pulled out, new soil put in and now it's ready for me to come up with a low level plant/bulb to put in it! No before pic but here it is after...

There is definitely something great about getting your hands dirty!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Well Hello There...

My last post was 31st December 2014 - how rubbish am I?

A friend mentioned a few months ago that they missed my blog (you know who you are!) I'm not entirely sure why but hey there's no accounting for taste!

Well, I thought I'd try again - no promises, no schedule, just random thoughts as and when. I may try to do the 'Lately' post semi-regularly and possibly start the 'Food Waste Friday' fridge photo's again but we'll see how it goes.

Has anything changed in the intervening 3 years...
I still have three jobs. 
I'm still living in the same place. 
I'm still trying to de-clutter and simplify. 
I still eat too much rubbish and drink way too much cherry coke! 
I gained another great niece. 
I went on an amazing cruise as a 40th birthday present to myself (now that's a post all on it's own!) 
I bought a bicycle from a friend and it's sat in the garage for a year!
I've spent a birthday and a Christmas at someone else house cat sitting.
I've laughed and cried and groaned and celebrated and commiserated and all the other stuff in between.
I've drifted away from old friends and found new ones and cemented those ones I can't get rid of ;-)

Is there more I want to achieve? Yes
Am I going to do it this year? Maybe
Am I going to beat myself up if I don't? Probably but I'll try not to.

So - I'm back, sporadically, any requests?

See you soon.


Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 / 2015

A few thoughts on 2014
  • only three employers this year but I did work for all of them at once for a month!
  • FINALLY sold the flat in Kent
  • got all my stuff in one place for the first time in 18 months
  • got a hi-sleeper (and still keep banging my head on it!)
  • made new friends
  • became a Great Auntie
  • was in the same place as Mum and siblings twice in one month!
  • still not missing TV
  • began volunteering at a graveyard
  • walked most of the Exeter Green Circle
And some for 2015
  • eat better
  • do that thing I don't want to do but know I have to
  • be present
  • finish some of the projects that I've been meaning to do
  • carry on with the de-cluttering
  • pay off the last bit of debt (not including the student loan, they can sing for it!!)
  • do something new
  • make the most of connections
  • spend more time outside
Wherever you are and whoever you are I wish you enough in 2015

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

lately - Dec 10th

  • adventuring - off to the Big Smoke tomorrow, lunch with old colleagues followed by being a tourist for a couple of hours
  • eating - Roly's seasalt flavoured fudge, leftovers, Chinese, popcorn
  • drinking - Orange juice, home made vanilla Bailey's hot chocolate, coke, tea, Earl Gray (the tea bags got mixed up at work!)
  • reading - Amy Tan - The Bonesetter's Daughter
  • watching - Babylon 5, Cold Feet, Remember Me
  • listening to - Soma FM's Christmas Lounge
  • thinking about - old age, new opportunities
  • disliking - the stupid time I will have to get up in the morning for my trip to London!
  • appreciating - days off, simple brown paper and wool wrapping, that the fault with the boiler was easy to fix
  • loving - too many goodies at Leela (including Reggie the reindeer who keeps getting up to all sorts of mischief! The pic above is him being an elephant!)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

lately - Nov 19th

  • adventuring - into the past. The above was taken in Nov 1986, I am the tender age of 9 and taking part in a nationwide fundraising tap dance for Children In Need (the dance starts at about 5:55, no I'm not on the tv but I can still pretty much remember the whole dance!)
  • eating - burgers, bubble and squeak, pasta, cherry bakewells
  • drinking - honey & almond hot chocolate, tea, mocha, squash
  • reading - Sarah Rayner - One Moment, One Morning
  • watching -  Grand Designs, Friends series 10
  • listening to -,
  • thinking about - unexpected opportunities, serendipity
  • disliking - parcelforce (still), the tax man (still), cold feet
  • appreciating - great landlords, friends
  • loving - lie-ins, the power of youtube

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

lately - Nov 12th

  • adventuring - not so much
  • eating - fishcakes, broccoli, sprouts, boursin, tomatoes
  • drinking - gingerbread latte, black forest hot chocolate, toffee nut latte (the coffee shops have got their Christmas flavours in!)
  • reading - David Gemmell - the third book of the trilogy in the right order (makes more sense that way!)
  • watching -  Grand Designs, Dr Who, Friends series 8, Downton Abbey, Lewis
  • listening to -, more random stuff on my iPhone
  • thinking about - more decluttering, my to-do list, craft projects
  • disliking - not doing things on the to-do list, parcelforce, the tax man
  • appreciating - the water proofness of my new coat, those who gave their lives for my freedom
  • loving - that the coffee shops have their Christmas flavours in (shallows I know!)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

lately - Nov 5th

  • adventuring - sunny October days in central Exeter - the pic is St Catherine's Almshouses (or at least what's left of them)
  • eating - Moroccan tagine, lumberjack cake and clotted cream ice cream, too much rubbish
  • drinking - soya pumpkin latte, raspberry crush, more rubbish
  • reading - David Gemmell (onto the second book now)
  • watching -  Grand Designs, Dr Who, Friends series 8
  • listening to -, more random stuff on my iPhone
  • thinking about - my tiny house plans
  • disliking - being 'Billy No Mates'! ;-), the tax man
  • appreciating - my new winter coat (it suddenly got cold in the UK)
  • loving - planning to do nothing for a day